Hyuna at L’Olympia


K-pop has shown immense growth in the past year with groups like BTS and EXO charting on an international level and gaining noticeable popularity among music fans across the globe. This past week, Montreal was proud to welcome its first official K-pop act. Former 4Minute member Hyuna stopped by L’Olympia on Sunday as part of her North American tour tagged “The Queen’s Back”.

In typical K-pop fashion, fans were invited to what is called a fanmeet, a common event organized amongst Korean idols and their fans. Unlike regular concerts, fanmeets are hosted events where the artist not only performs but also participates in a Q&A session, plays games with lucky audience members and interacts with the fans.

So how did Hyuna hold up for her first ever event in Montreal? Extremely well if you ask me. From her first step on stage, screams echoed all over the venue with fans who were determined to make her feel welcomed. Hyuna kicked things off accompanied by 4 female dancers with hit song Roll Deep. The audience sang in perfect harmony to every song despite the language barrier. Later, the incessant screams and chants brought the starlet to tears. Performing every choreography as only she knows how, the night grew hotter and hotter ending things with her undeniably catchy song Bubble Pop.

Later on, during the Q&A session, Hyuna answered a few questions submitted by fans as well as occasionally stopping to reply to audience members screaming various questions and comments from the pit. The evening also featured a dance contest with fans and ended with a hi-touch, photo-op and meet and greet session.

Known as one of K-pop’s sexiest stars Hyuna delivered a sultry and seductive performance featuring all the hits that made her the queen of K-pop.

Roll Deep
Ice Cream
French Kiss
How’s this
A Talk
Bubble Pop

Another great event by the people at  KPopMe!


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