Ology by Gallant

In debut album Ology, American singer-songwriter Gallant articulates hardship and insecurity through often smooth and occasionally hard-hitting r&b melodies. Demonstrating his vocal prowess on all fronts, Gallant channels 80s and 90s vibes to create a powerful yet deeply anxious and emotional story whilst also flowing smoothly from a lower register to well placed falsetto. Despite the unmistakable r&b tone of the  album, notes of electronica are intertwined to give it a contemporary and original feel.

In lead single “Weight in Gold” the singer delivers a dynamic and vigorous performance as he shares his pain and helplessness. In hauntingly captivating song “Chandra”, Gallant ponders whether “there’s a hope behind these eyes” as the track slowly builds into a theatrical and dramatic finale — making for one of the strongest moments on the album. Ology is what seems to be a profoundly personal testimony woven from the fabric of years of emotional questioning and self-discovery. An extremely well executed debut for young and soulful Gallant that surely paved the way for even greater things in the future.


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