GOT7 at Massey Hall

JYP Entertainment boy group GOT7 brought their North American fanmeet tour to Toronto’s Massey Hall. Eager fans, equipped with very creative hand-made paraphernalia, made their way to the venue, lining up hours before the show. The hour and a half event consisted of a hosted Q&A session, games, performances and ended with a meet and greet, photo-op and hi-touch session.

As my first ever K-pop experience, I can definitely say I was happily surprised and extremely satisfied. The more intimate formula adopted by these fanmeets made for an extremely unique and enjoyable experience. Credit must be given to the group for being in fact extremely personable, very comfortable with the fans and outright hilarious. Laughter filled the room on multiple occasions only to be followed by deafening screams during the performance portion of the event. Speaking of performance, I personally think that is where the group excelled the most! GOT7, in my opinion, have found a winning formula when it comes to creating catchy, beat-driven and captivating songs. Language barrier aside, the energy was undeniable, the dance routines were performed with gust and in unison and the members made sure to interact with the audience on every possible occasion.

Touring for their latest album Flight Log: Turbulence, GOT7 had in their arsenal a group of songs fit for a night filled with oomph and excitement. I do not doubt that their activity in North America is paying off and has awarded them a great deal of new international fans.

A special thank you to the great people at KPopMe for putting together this event.


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