Osheaga 2015 Recap

As the 2015 edition of Montreal’s Osheaga festival is now a thing of the past, it’s safe to say that the event rose to the 10th anniversary expectations. I could sit here and endlessly write about all the brilliant acts that graced the six stages across all three days but I’ll cut it down to my top three performances. Without any further ado, let’s get to it!

3. Weezer

How does a band with nine albums and over twenty years of experience engineer a setlist and show that succeeds in pleasing every single audience member? I don’t have the answer but Weezer sure does. In one hour, Weezer took you way back into your teenage years with old classics like “Say it Ain’t So” and “Beverly Hills” only to close things off with short but killer “Buddy Holly”. Spreading out these most anticipated songs evenly through their set all while keeping the energy up with some newer material, the band had me wishing they were headlining and had a longer set. The Weezer boys proved once again that some things only come with experience and with a little help from Rivers Cuomo’s children; you have quite the memorable show.

2. Glass Animals

With nothing but debut album Zaba under their belt, Glass Animals managed to steal the show on the final day of the festival. Hundreds of people gathered in front of one of the smaller stages to bask in the sensual and groovy tunes that were so brilliantly delivered by the Glass Animals lads. Despite the deep electro sounds, atmospheric melodies and all around weird songs, the band managed to bring each tune to life by gloriously riding the beat and delivering a smooth and powerful vocal performance. Every body swayed to every song as a euphoric ether moved through the crowd. On your stereo, these songs are perfect for your lazy days and rainy days but as the boys have proven this weekend, there is an undeniable dance-potential to tap into with this record.

1. Twenty One Pilots

This is where words might fail me. By far my most anticipated performance of the entire festival; Twenty One Pilots exceeded every single one of my expectations only to make their short forty-five minutes set one of the most powerful musical performances I’ve ever experienced. First and foremost, it’s no secret that this band has a hell of a dedicated fan base, which set the ground for what was a powerful and electrifying show. Lead singer Tyler Joseph’s rapping was no match for the crowd who kept in time with every lyric and sang their hearts out. Soon enough, the band took things up a notch when two crew members proceeded to place a drum kit on top (yes on top!) of the audience only to have drummer Josh Dunn jump on and play his solo during song “Ride”. Later Tyler repeated the stunt and delivered an equally exhilarating drum performance while also hoisted by the chanting crowd. This entire performance was one insane moment after another and it all came to a pristine close with hit songs “Car Radio” and “Guns for Hands”. It was barely six o’clock on day one and as far as I was concerned it was game over; no other performance was going to top this one (and indeed none did).


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