Communion by Years & Years

In debut album Communion, British pop band Years & Years delivers a selection of proper dance floor tunes lined with melancholic questionings and self-pity. In an attempt to dance your problems away, you might find yourself reaching for this album from now on. In song “Real”, singer Olly Alexander promises to “do what you like if you stay the night” and later ponders on the wrenching distinction between love and desire in “Desire”. The entire album offers a brooding and disheartening search for answers immaculately delivered on a shiny silver platter of electro-pop dance beats and retro synths. However, with songs “Eyes Shut”, “Without” and “Memo”, the band takes a different approach by going for a stripped down and more moody delivery. Through a subtle but refreshing choice of the male pronoun, Alexander hides nothing and delivers songs with dashing honesty and alluring vocals. This album achieves the difficult yet coveted balance between drama, sorrow and authenticity that in return gains genuine appreciation and empathy. In all, the record explores a wide range of sonically exhilarating melodies that provide a rich and all encompassing experience. You’ll dance, you’ll cry, you’ll reach for your phone and make regrettable decisions but you’ll love it. Communion is an explosive debut for Years & Years and I’m sure that this isn’t the last we’ll be hearing from them.


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