Half Moon Run at Théâtre Lionel-Groulx

In preparation for their second studio album, Montreal band Half Moon Run announced a handful of tour dates with which they plan to test the waters and see how their new material holds up. With a setlist that consists primarily of new content, the band took to the stage with the sole intention of getting this show on the road and spark excitement surrounding this new chapter in the band’s journey. This time around, a slight change of direction seeps through the wider variety of instrumentation and genres. Marking the end of an era with debut album Dark Eyes and the beginning of this next great adventure, the quartet, who plan to release their sophomore album sometime near the end of this year, graced the stage with a visibly renewed enthusiasm and verve that was met with an equally passionate crowd. As hard as it was for me to cope with seeing one of my all-time favourite albums near the end of its course, I look to the future with eagerness, pride and a tinge of anxiety. The intimate and exclusive setting truly reminded everyone that they were part of the lucky few that got to witness the birth of the growing fire that will be this next body of work. It’s no secret that Half Moon Run loves Montreal and that Montreal loves Half Moon Run just as much. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: if you have not heard this band’s music, you are truly missing out. The artistry behind every note and the delicately engineered collection of songs these hometown heroes have managed to bestow upon the world is something no one in their right mind should go without.


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