The Desired Effect by Brandon Flowers

Former Killers frontman Brandon Flowers dropped his second solo album last month. The Desired Effect features ten news tracks masterfully crafted by Flowers and producer Ariel Rechtshaid, who also worked with artists like Vampire Weekend and Haim. Speaking of Haim, lead singer Danielle also gracefully lent her drumming skills to the making of this sophomore album.

I must admit that Flowers’ debut solo record Flamingo flew right under my radar but this time around, the buzz was undeniable and word on the street is this album is definitely newsworthy. As we’ve come to know with the various Killers albums, Brandon Flowers excels at metaphorical songwriting delivered through original and often quirky one-liners. Although there’s no mention of boyfriends that look like girlfriends or existential questions about whether we are humans or dancers, Flowers preserves his trademark voice in his solo career. With songs ranging from soft and piano driven melodies to some more dynamic drum-lead and synth lined tracks, the full album explores an interesting path and delivers an engrossing experience.

What we’ve got here ladies and gentlemen is an 80s inspired twenty-first century pop album written by a rock star. As odd as that may sound, it turned out, in my opinion, to be quite the happy surprise. I suggest you give it a listen!


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