The Balcony by Catfish and the Bottlemen

Aside from having a mouthful of a name, Catfish and the Bottlemen are a British rock group that have been gaining quite a following since the release of their debut album The Balcony. Understandably so, the band has recently been selling out most of their tour dates in both America and the UK along with receiving a warm welcome on the festival circuit. The Balcony is in fact the album I’ve been incessantly going back to for the past month or two. Although I’m aware that it hasn’t been particularly well received from critics, fans on the other hand seem to take quite a liking to the good old garage band sound. In spite of the fact that there is nothing exceptionally original about the Catfish and the Bottlemen sound, they have still managed to achieve their own well-rounded version of what other bands like Arctic Monkeys and the Foo Fighters brought before them all while bringing a little extra something. The album provides a wide range of guitar-centric songs paired with relatable lyrics and up-beat drums, making for an energetic and dynamic piece. Frontman Van McCan belts out some gritty tunes about love, small town claustrophobia and people generally being jerks with a few catchy, witty and humorous one-liners here and there. Some of the strongest songs in my opinion are rhythmic and cheeky “Cocoon”, dynamic and daring “Homesick” and all around killer “Kathleen”. McCann manages to deliver the songs with an undeniable swagger and manliness whilst still displaying endearing honesty, reminiscent of a young Alex Turner himself. I definitely look forward to catching these guys in concert and seeing how they bring this album to life.


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