The Fray at Metropolis

The Fray took the Helios tour to Montreal last night alongside bands Oh Honey and Barcelona. As per usual, let’s kick things off with the opening acts. The night started off with a short set list by Brooklyn band Oh Honey led by the melodically joyful duo Mitchy Collins and Danielle Bouchard. Their indie-folk sound slowly got the crowd moving, ending things off with their biggest single “Be Okay”. As most opening bands do, they made sure to give us a good taste of what they were about while preparing us for the following acts.

Afterwards, it was Seattle’s Barcelona’s turn to take a crack at it and that was the moment the night really kicked off. If you’ve read my review of Imagine Dragons’ concert this past March, you’ll remember my comments on how opening band X Ambassadors came infinitely close to stealing the show (more about it here). Well, it’s that time of year again! Within the first few seconds of their first song, I knew I’d be buying their CD on my way out. This indie synthpop band did what very few opening bands accomplish and that is leave the crowd wanting more. I literally felt my heart break a little when they had to leave the stage to make way for the main act and that’s quite the accomplishment in my books! If you know what’s good for you, you’ll head over to Itunes and get your hands on their music right away. I mean come on; you know a band is amazing when their album dethrones Fall Out Boy’s Greatest Hits CD from my car stereo. On top of brilliant songs and an amazing live performance, this trio turned out to be comprised of the world’s sweetest and friendliest dudes. When sticking around after the show to meet and take pictures with fans, I got to chat with them for a minute and, do not fret, made myself clear about the urgency of their return to Montreal for their own headlining tour (and I want to see each and every one of you there).

Now that we got the opening bands out the way, I can tell you’re itching to know how long-time veterans The Fray brought their newest album and its promotional tour to our beloved city. As to be expected from a band that’s been around for this long, they killed it. Who would’ve ever thought that one of the most energetic and loud concerts I would ever attend would be brought to us by the melodic pop-rock styling of lead singer Isaac Slade and his fellow band members. This band turned out to have quite the devoted and passionate following and I must admit the fans played a massive role in the success of this show. A constantly flabbergasted set of performers was an extremely good indicator of the intensity the audience brought (so proud of my people). With classics like “How to Save a Life” and “You Found Me”, the sing-along potential was sky high and boy did the audience bring the noise. In return, the band made sure to boost their energy with Slade standing on his piano and regularly leaning into the pit. If you were expecting a chill night of whisper-singing along to your favourite songs, as I shamefully admit I initially was, than snap out of it and put on your dancing shoes because you got a whole other thing coming. If you were unable to catch these bands in your city, definitely keep an eye out for when they might be returning because you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise.


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