Ulysees by Justin Nozuka

After disappearing for almost four years, Justin Nozuka resurfaced last month with his new album Ulysees. Using this time to take a step back, familiarise himself with production and find new inspiration, Nozuka put together an album that strays quite a bit from what we’ve seen previously with his debut album Holly and sophomore album You I Wind Land and Sea. This self-produced record offers an array of songs that build a very interesting ambiance complimented by his particularly melodic vocals. Being a huge fan of his first two albums, you can imagine my excitement upon hearing the news of this release. Seeing as Nozuka takes quite a leap away from his old style and aims towards a much more atmospheric and experiential route, it took me a moment in order to accustom myself to this departure before being able to really appreciate the music. That being said, this album’s uniquely minimalistic and soothing production makes it quite a success in my opinion. Allowing the showcase of Nozuka’s soothing and hypnotic voice, this bundle of tracks is a delicate balance between serene and climax moments, making the entire experience still somewhat animated. The featured track “Right By You” gives a great perspective on the ten track album by providing texture, emotion and soul. Whether you’re already a seasoned fan of Justin Nozuka or a newcomer, it’s not to late to catch him perform on May 8th at Petit Campus in downtown Montreal. Having already seen him perform live in the past, I speak from experience when I say he never fails to deliver an amazing experience.



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