X Ambassadors at Petit Campus

Excuse me if I get carried away in today’s article but boy does X Ambassadors give a hell of a good show! Yesterday they performed to a sold out room at Petit Campus accompanied by Parade of Lights as the opening act. Before I ramble about how good the band was, I must give a well-deserved shout out to Parade of Lights who gave a great performance of their own. I had never heard of them before but it is now safe to say that they’ve gained a new fan. Having a similar sound to the main act, they still managed to bring something original to the table and did a great job at getting everyone hyped for X Ambassadors. Aside from being great at what they do, they’re also extremely friendly and personable, which is always a bonus in my books. For their first performance in Canada, let alone Montreal, I must say they left quite the lasting impression and I am looking forward to their return.

That being said, let’s talk about X Ambassadors for a second (or ten). This show reminded me of how much live music is about quality instead of quantity. Petit Campus doesn’t hold very many people but when those few hundreds know every lyric to every song, you are provided with a show that exceeds any arena in terms of energy and liveliness. Add to a great crowd an equally amazing band that engages with the audience and exudes twice the energy they receive and you have yourself the experience of a lifetime. The lead singer’s voice was spot on, every instrument was harmonious and clear, the saxophone solos we’ve all come to love made their welcome appearance and every song took a life of its own. Having seen this band live three times in the past three months or so, you’d think I’d had my fair share of them but I’m far from satisfied. I can’t wait to see this band explode and get the recognition they deserve but until then I’ll be more than happy seeing them in intimate venues and spreading the word. If you’re a sucker for small but robust and animated live shows, this band is your perfect match and apart from the remarkable live performances, their music is groovy, honest, captivating, stirring and just generally astounding. Have I convinced you yet?

Make sure to pickup both their EPs Love Songs Drug Songs and The Reason and catch them performing live if you get the chance. Also head over to Parade of Lights’ website for details about them.




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