How to discover new music

As most of you already know, I’m obsessed with music and discovering as much of it as I can. Recently, a few people have asked me how I managed to know about so many different bands and it gave me the idea for this next post. Today, I’ll talk to you about a few of my favourite ways to discover various bands and artists. Obviously, building a large repertoire of musical knowledge doesn’t happen over night. That being said, I’ve chosen some of the most effective and accessible ways I could think of to try and guide you guys in the right direction. Hope this is helpful for those of you who are interested.


To begin, we have the website This is by far one of my favourites in terms of accessibility and precision. What this website offers is a wide variety of artists and album suggestions based on what you type into the search bar. If you don’t have an account, you can type the name of one of your favourite bands, listen to some of their music, read a short bio and access all the information needed. You’ll also be presented with a whole list of bands and artist ranked by similarity to the band you’ve typed into the search bar. Furthermore, when you decide to sign up, the website zones in on your musical taste with much more precision. With the use of Scrobble (external plugin you download to scan your ITunes library), you will be automatically provided with a list of suggestions once again based on your current library, but also by the number of plays per artist. What’s nice about this website is that you’re given the option to search for bands that are similar to what you’ve already been listening to, or you can search on your own and discover completely new material that you might not have thought you’d like. Whether you decide to listen to bands tagged as highly similar to what you’ve typed or go for the lower similarity tagged bands, you have the possibility to come across a wide range of artists and therefore expand your musical knowledge.


Up next, we have This website is comparable to, but it can also be used as music player. On Rdio, you can build your own library by selecting different albums and putting them in your library. Once you’ve done that, you will be provided with a recommendation section in which you can find new content. However, this website is mostly focused on profile sharing: once you’ve built your library and listened to it, anyone following you will be able to see what you’ve been listening to the most and the same goes the other way round. A lot like your Facebook news feed; you can see what other people are up to and discover music through them. Therefore, if you’re looking for a much more interactive and social way to discover music, Rdio is what you should be looking into.

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Finally, a less direct approach, but nonetheless effective way to discover new music, is by being present and keeping an open eye on social networks. Blogs are the best way to be exposed to all sorts of different things. By getting a Tumblr account or a WordPress account and following as many blogs as you can, you’ll be sure to constantly come across great stuff.  Think about it, where else are people going to share the different things they’ve been listening to than on their personal blogs? All sorts of music blogs, pop culture blogs or even random personal blogs are out there, and they’re all great sources of good music. Additionally, look for music news and musical performance pages on Facebook and like them to be exposed to new comers as well as seasoned performers. Pages like The Mahogany Blog, Vevo, IHeartRadio or even your local concert ticket provider are some of the best places to find some new music. What I’m trying to say is that your social networks aren’t only for ex-boyfriend/girlfriend stalking and time wasting. They can be really educational in terms of music and pop culture in general.

Given these points, the Internet is filled with places where you can discover new things and if you look well enough, you’ll find more than you bargained for. Once you start to look, you’ll be exposed to a multitude of different tools, everything will lead to something else and before you know it, you’ll be a musical encyclopaedia. Good luck on your discoveries and I hope this is helpful.


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