What Up, Women! Chvrches, Birdy, London Grammar, MR MS

Inspired by International Woman’s day, I’ve decided to share with you all some of my favourite women or female led bands of the moment.

First off, we have Chvrches. Their album Bones of What you Believe features some great synth pop songs driven by lovely and melodic female vocals. This Scottish band takes the synthpop genre and makes it their own with beautifully crafted songs and particularly catching hooks. Mixing the singer’s sugar sweet voice with great backing pop beats and synths, Chvrches delivered an album with a unique sound that will have you pressing repeat.

Next up we have Birdy. Having two albums under her belt, this lady and her quiet and angel-like voice delivers a warming and relaxing album featuring an array of beautifully haunting songs. Although I personally prefer her debut album Birdy (including a beautiful cover of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love”), both her records provide quality songs and seem to be attracting quite the following. Harmoniously combining her voice with piano driven melodies, Birdy will fulfill all your relaxing and soothing musical needs.

Turning things around with British band London Grammar, I bring you a powerhouse female vocalist and an album that truly knows how to do her voice justice. With vocals in the ranks of Florence Welch and Adele, London Grammar bring us an interesting mix of subtle percussion and eerie vocals making their album If You Wait truly unique. Showcasing mostly slow ballads with your occasional grand vocal performance, this band is slowly making its way into my favourites. In fact, as I’m writing this and listening to this album, I’m reminded of what a gem this record is and how much I encourage you give it a listen, it will truly possess you.

Finally, we have MR MS, a band for all you Florence and the Machine fans! With a very similar sound, this band brings us the album Secondhand Rapture, a drum-banging album with an interesting backbone of synthesised melodies. Creating an epic and enveloping atmosphere, each song builds on the next to create a truly experiential album. The gothic orchestral feel this album provides really sets it apart and is definitely making it a memorable debut for MR MS. With notable tracks like “Fantasy”, this band hits the ground running and I love the direction they’re running in.

A wise man once said “I don’t know, ask a girl.”


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