Haim, X Ambassadors, The Neighbourhood and The Fray

Hello Internet users and proud owners of a fully functional pair of ears, I’ve got some album suggestions for you so listen up!

First off we have Haim. This trio of sisters from LA released their first album Days Are Gone last September and it’s amazing.  This album just takes me back! Most songs have this retro 80’s feel and the band just managed to put together an impressive mix of eclectic and interesting songs. This album actually landed the 31st position on Rolling Stone’s 50 best albums of 2013, which is pretty impressive for a debut album. It’s refreshing to have a proper girl band with real skills, solid song writing and composing. I really suggest you give it a listen and I urge you to watch one of their live performances just to see the iconic “bass face” (look it up and you’ll understand). This is most definitely one of my favourite albums of the year, if not of all time.

Up next we have X Ambassadors. I discovered this gem when they opened (and partially stole the show) for Panic! At the Disco last month. This band fulfills all your rock alternative needs with an added cool and infectious groove. They currently have two EPs out: Love Songs, Drug Songs and The Reason. They’ll be performing at Café Campus in April and will also be opening for Imagine Dragons in a few weeks. I highly recommend you check them out and buy tickets to their show (only 12$, come on!).

Let’s continue with The Neighbourhood. This indie alternative rock band has blown up thanks to their single “Sweater Weather”. If you listen to the radio, you’ll have heard of this song, but what you might not know is that the rest of the album is even better than the single. I Love You is a really cool, somewhat dark, well instrumented album. As far as a debut album goes, it makes me look forward to the sophomore album. If you like them, make sure to check them out at Metropolis on March 21st.

Finally, I couldn’t help but shamelessly include The Fray’s new album Helios. Come on, we all had a phase in our lives where we played “Cable Car” and “How to Save a Life” on repeat. If only for your early 2000s memories, give this album a try. You can stream it for free on Itunes until its release on February 25th. The Fray’s sound has evolved since their first album and Helios is no exception. Very similar to their previous album Scars and Stories, this one is more upbeat and drum driven. Although I like their earlier work more, I think this album is still worth the listen.


One thought on “Haim, X Ambassadors, The Neighbourhood and The Fray

  1. I would’ve never listened to The Neighbourhood other songs, even though I loved their single, but they are really good! I also didn’t know about X Ambassadors but now I’m really excited to hear them opening Imagine Dragons concert.


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