Kodaline at Sala Rossa

Small venue, no production and only one studio album out, but boy did Kodaline knock it out of the park. Last night, the Irish band Kodaline took the stage at Montreal’s Sala Rossa alongside LP as their opening band.

For the first part, LP performed a 30 minute setlist that surprisingly pleased the audience. Having a very unique voice and some impressive whistling skills, the lead singer set a good mood and got people really excited for the main act. I mean, who doesn’t love some good ukulele based tracks? I definitely suggest you check out their latest album Into The Wild and it’s title track.

After the painful set up time between the opening band and the main act, Kodaline finally took the stage opening with their song “Brand New Day”, for which the crowd just went nuts. Cameras came out, never ending screams began (with your fair share of “you’re so sexy’’ and “we love you” from adoring teenage girls) and the show truly began. Although I must admit I found the setlist to be quite short (only 13 songs/1h15 long), I guess it’s to be expected with a band that only has one album out.  Having had some doubts about their lack of experience with touring, I was quickly put in my place. Yes, this album could be considered to be quite mellow, but the performance was anything but that, which dismissed all the concerns I had when I bought my ticket. Even though the show took place in front of some 250 people, the energy was amazing and the crowd did not disappoint. In fact, the band had no problem letting the crowd take over most of the time. I was extremely pleased to see that they had a great connection with the audience and tried as much as possible to engage with them both during songs and in between. All in all, I see great things in this band’s future and I look forward to a second album and their return to Montreal. In fact, you catch them at the Corona Theatre tonight at 8pm for a second show, tickets are 20$ at the door.

Make sure to check out both Kodaline and LP




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